Guzmania Plant

Guzmania plant is an ornamental indoor plant that is the ideal house or office plant. Decorates with style and adds an exotic and tropic touch to any place. We suggest to place it at a low spot e.g. floor, so that its particular shape looks better.
Guzmania is a plant that can get everyone as it does’t need much care. It requires low light, warm temperatures and high humidity.
Let’s discover guzmania plant together!

It is an evergreen plant without a stem. Guzmania’s relates to the pineapple family and its origin is from the tropical forests of South America.Guzmania are epiphytic meaning they use their roots to attach to a tree rather than grow in the ground. The perfect place to be planted is either in a greenhouse or in a close window of flowers.
If we would like to describe guzmania, one sentence won’t be enough. Has green,long leaves and the flower on the plant is actually modified leaves, called bracts. Bracts have brilliant colors and may last for many months in contrast to guzmania’s flowers which are usually live shortly.The range of colors of Guzmania is generally from yellow, orange, pink, red but may also include deep red even bicolor.
Lingulata is one of the most popular species of Guzmania and is easy to find at floral shops.
Guzmania start to die, in summer, after flowering. You cancut and remove from the base the offsets to start as a new plant. It will flowering after 2 years.
Ideal conditions for growth

Guzmanias prefer the natural but avoid the direct sunlight. It requires filtered light or indirect sunlight.
Guzmania prefer warm temperatures and should not be allowed to stand in temperatures lower than 18o C in winter and over 27o C in summer.
Like the most indoor plants Guzmania likes mild to high humidity. The soil must be wet but not so much to avoid build up bacteria. Don’t allow water to sit in the saucer under the plant. To help to drainage put some stones underneath the pot. read more Don’t let the soil become very dry.

Guzmania needs watering once or twice a week depending on the season and spray the leaves especially in summer time.When the lower leaves start to wither or take a brown color it needs watering. Place water in the center cup of the plant, the space where the leaves meet.

It is good to add a mild fertilizer every two weeks from March to August.

Guzmania can make excellent gifts. They will brighten anyone’s surroundings with their colorful bracts and they require very little care. Pick red, orange or other color and fill any season of the year. Choose guzmania, the exotic plant and decorate with a charming way any place.

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